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As a scientist (or trying to become one) I feel the compulsory need not only to write my things the best way I could, but also to share my thoughs, ideas and, what is more important, THE DATA!. I will use this space to put my projects, jupyter notebooks, notes, and also an analysis and simplification to plain-human to several papers that I will/have/must read. Enjoy!

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Vino y algo de python(y pandas)

11 minute read

Introducción Mientras avanzo con mi magister, me di cuenta que los tutoriales y demás explicaciones de Data Science están, preferentemente, en inglés. Ademá...

Ola, ke ase?

6 minute read

Hola, Soy Javier y esto es jackass trabajo en Neurociencia Computacional

Summer School in Neuroscience

5 minute read

Disclaimer As my research has been focused exclusively in neuroscience, this entry will assume that every relationship with science, classes, lectures, labor...